What do you need help with?
Windows 8
What does Deep Index mean?
Deep indexes are topics that are covered inside of a video. 321Help searches for topics inside of the video and only shows you want you want to learn. I.E. 5 min video might cover 10 topics, 321Help will jump into the video, show you only what you want to see then pause.

What does Time Saved mean?
Our query will show you how much time we save you (how far into the video we need to fastforward to find the topic).

What does the Learning Time mean?
How much time it will take to learn the topic (the playing time of the topic).

How do I know I'm really saving time?
Mouse over the playing video and check out the play bar, it will show you where it's playing.

Do all videos have deep indexes?
321Help uses videos created with SofTutor meta data that are hosted on true push streaming servers. SofTutor allows teachers and help desk personnel to create videos with deep indexes.

321Help.com helps you find deep indexed video content from the over 3,100+ videos and counting.
If you have SofTutor compliant metadata and have free streaming online videos, let us know and we'll index your site.
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321Help is evolving and changing check back for new updates!